Venetian Tower

Venetian Tower has untapped potential as a tourism and interactive historical information hub, the revitalization of which will encourage visitors to further explore the unique multiple heritage sites throughout Durres, one of the Balkan’s most ancient settlements.

Interventions proposed and intended to be implemented for site rehabilitation, regarding EU4Culture Project include:


Conservation Scope
– Light conservation repairs including partial stabilization and removal of non adequate modern layers (cement)
– Disaster risk management
– Maintenance program and plans

– Non-intrusive upgrade of sanitary utilities for visitors members of the tower’s staff
– New, non intrusive electrical and lighting system
– Installation of touch screen and camera systems for remote viewing from the ground floor
– Installation of digital interpretation system
– Audio guides for the sites of Durres


Revitalization Scope

– Interactive interpretation of heritage sites of Durres
– Creation of storytelling content for audio guides for sites of Durres
– Branding, visual identity, printed material for visitors
trails and walking routes developed for sites of Durres – importance of heritage site ‘’linkage”



– Management organisation
responsible authority; staff capacities; income
(cultural heritage sites at the moment does not retain any of the income (from sales/rent)


Local Socio Economic Component (grant schemes and practical training)

– Developing interactive educational material for children – supporting local educationalists to develop interactive games for children focusing on cultural heritage in Durres – games to be used and sold and venetian tower
– Developing 3d maps and guiding material – encouraging local guides and designers to develop 3d pop-up maps and similar alongside innovative guiding material to be used and sold at venetian tower