Venetian Tower

The Venetian Tower stands as one of the most interesting and beautiful historical defensive structures in Durrës. It is an integral part of the Byzantine fortress of Durrës, declared a first-category cultural monument. It was once regarded as one of the most formidable defense structures along the western coast of the Adriatic Sea. The present-day fortress traces its roots to the initial construction efforts of Byzantine Emperor Anastasius I (491–518), a native of Durrës (ancient Dyrrhachium). Built atop the remains of the Byzantine tower around the XV century, the Venetian Tower was fortified with cannons to protect the city from the sea. Specifically designed to be armed with artillery, it served as a crucial observation point for monitoring the surrounding area. In 2022-2023 the Venetian Tower was renovated and transformed into the first Albanian Heritage Interpretation Center and now offers visitors the chance to explore historical events and places through state-of-the-art digital and multimedia tools. These include VR headsets, audio guides, dome multimedia projections and other activities, which combine entertainment with a more in-depth look at the city’s ancient history.