National Puppet Theatre

The National Puppet Theater building was originally built in 1920’s and it housed the first Albanian parliament; in 50’s it was extended when it became a Puppet Theater. The building suffers from a serious lack of upkeep and maintenance; The 2019 earthquake caused noticeable structural damage; The raising damp; The leaking roof; Loose and broken windows; inadequate installations needed for a fully functioning theater are missing; electrical; HVAC; fire protection etc are also missing. There are currently no emergency exits for the building;

Interventions proposed and intended to be implemented for rehabilitation of National Puppet Theater, regarding EU4Culture Project include different categories such as:

Conservation scope
– Full structural repair
– Conservation of historical facade
– Restoration and upgrade of interior including audience hall, stage, furniture
museum displays, technical, utility and administrative units
– Stage and stage mechanisms upgrade to host multiple types of theater plays
– Universal access standard established across all the surface of the theater
– Urban landscaping around the site to allow for outdoor events
– Disaster risk management
– Maintenance program and plans


– New system for heating, ventilation, cooling
– New electrical, water and sewage installations
– New audio and sound system
– New effects for stage system
– New health and safety including: fire detection, fire fighting systems
– New surveillance and safety system


Revitalization scope

– Interactive interpretation of museum displays
– Re-production of puppets used through history
– New economical functions in the service of the theatre



– New financial management
increase level of income retained ensure long-term sustainability
(theatre at the moment retains 30% of the income (from sales/rent)
adding multiple types of play, while children’s plays remain the main focus
stimulating creation of additional income through added economic activities