Experts Unveil Ambitious Plans for National Historical Museum Reconstruction

December 12, 2023

12 December 2023

In a public event, EU4Culture experts and consultants presented a detailed design for the reconstruction, restoration and reconceptualization of the National Historical Museum’s building and exhibitions. This significant undertaking marks an important step in a series of consultations with key stakeholders, bringing together cultural heritage experts to gather professional insights, comments, and suggestions. The new design was developed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of 53 senior experts from diverse backgrounds, including conservation, architecture, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, interpretation experts, and historians of different profiles, as well as conservators of works of art and museum designers.

The upcoming renovation of the museum will focus on the newly developed design for its reconstruction, restoration, and musealization. The implementation of this design developed as a part of the EU4Culture programme, will be conducted by UNOPS and the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation. The interventions are divided in a way that UNOPS will take a leading role in tasks such as artifact packing, structural consolidation, roof repair, and facade restoration as part of the EU4Culture programme. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation will focus on the reconceptualization of museum lines and the construction of a new pavilion within the courtyard as a part of Government investments in this important heritage asset.