EU4Culture Showcases Albania’s Cultural Treasures at Tourism Expo

February 8, 2024

The Tourism and Travel Expo, held at Tirana’s Palace of Congresses last week, was one of the largest tourism events in Albania. It provided the perfect platform to showcase the programme’s work and achievements.  More importantly, EU4Culture successfully raised awareness about Albania’s cultural treasures, rich traditions, artisans, and agritourism small businesses supported through our grants program aimed at boosting local economy and generating new income opportunities. The programme developed and presented valuable resources, including guidebooks, tourist maps, and information about local artisans, as well as agritourism restaurants and cafes.

A new guidebook for tourists Booklet.pdf ( on cultural heritage sites, either restored or currently undergoing restoration through the EU4Culture project, has received positive feedback from both private sector partners and local municipalities, who welcomed the opportunity to offer their clients new attractions and cultural experiences. Tour operators, hotels, restaurants, travel agents, and guides have expressed interest in using our resources to develop new tour packages and offering the guidebook to their clients. Representatives from Durres Municipality requested additional copies to share it at an upcoming international Tourism and Travel exhibition in Bari, Italy.